What to Expect

At every LEAP event, you can expect to uncover case studies of HR innovation that is happening within your own industry.

What you can also expect is to spend just a third of your time listening to what others have done, a third of your time digging deeper into those case studies, but most importantly, a third of your time reflecting on how you could implement what you’ve heard in your own organization.

Plus, take part in a LEAP HR event, and you’ll automatically join a community of more than 5000 other HR leaders who also want to challenge the way that HR is done.

Who Attends LEAP HR

Over 2,000 HR senior professionals attend the LEAP events each year. Industries covered include Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, Construction, Manufacturing, Higher Education, State and local Government, Oil & Energy, Tech and more.

Who attends LEAP

Our Communities

LEAP HR events provide a platform for ambitious HR leaders to surround themselves with those taking the most radical leaps, to achieve all important people and culture change.


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We speak to hundreds of HR leaders across the different industries we serve every week, and we would love you to be one of them. Whether you are interested in joining one of the LEAP HR conferences, want to learn more about our Searchlight groups, or would like to partner with us, contact us today and we will be in touch!

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